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Normandy 1944 – Then and Now

Normandy 1944 – Then and Now



BERNIERES SUR MER Typical Norman house located along the beach at Juno Beach. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / Archives Nationales du CANADA)

BERNIERES SUR MER Canadian troops going ashore on Juno Beach on D-Day, 6 June 1944. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / Archives Nationales du CANADA )

CAEN Sherman tanks of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers advancing into Caen. 10 July 1944. (Photo : Harold G. Aikman / Library and Archives Canada / PA-162667)

CAEN Place Foch. World War I memorial and rubble of the German kommandantur. (Photo : Archives Départementales du Calvados)

FRESNEY LE PUCEUX Privates Albert Thibault and Fernand Lachance, both of 2nd Canadian Infantry Division Headquarters, en route to Falaise – 12 August 1944. (Photograph : Lieut. Michael M. Dean / Library and Archives Canada / PA-169323)

BERNIERES SUR MER Infantrymen of Le Régiment de la Chaudière moving through the village, 6 June 1944. (Photo : Lieut. Frank L. Dubervill / Library and Archives Canada / PA-131436)

LONGUES SUR MER One of the blockhouses with one of the four 150mm guns of the M.K.B. Longues. (Photo : Archives Départementales du Calvados)

SAINTE MERE EGLISE Street scene in the village after its liberation by U.S. Troops. Looking East – June 1944. (Photo : U.S. Archives)

MARIGNY Inside the church after the fighting. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

LA MADELEINE A group of GI’s leaving the chapel after a mass. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

RAVENOVILLE Paratroopers of Hq & Hq Co / 508th PIR under the command of Captain Johnson and Abraham stop for a moment in the village before going south to find their unit. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

CARENTAN The entrance in Carentan by the street Holgate, coming from Periers road. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

CARENTAN A M-7 Priest of the 14th Armored Field Battalion / 2nd Armored Division at the crossroad of the street Holgate and the railroad Paris-Cherbourg. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

CARENTAN American paratroopers in a german Kübelwagen at the crossroads of the street Holgate and RN 13 (actually street of the 101st airborne). (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

CARENTAN GI’s at the crossroads of the street Holgate and RN 13 (actually street of the 101st airborne). (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

CARENTAN A jeep with medics of the 101st Airborne in the street Holgate towards the crossroads with the RN 13. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

CARENTAN ‘Place de la République’. Elements of the 101st Airborne are sitting and posing with children near the monument to the death of the world war one. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

CAEN 11 July 1944 – A Sherman tank of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment advancing into Caen. (Photo : Lieut. Michael M. Dean / Library and Archives Canada / PA-162583)

CAEN Bridge over the canal from caen to ouistreham. we are in the center of the town near the ‘Bassin St Pierre’. (Photo : Stollberg – Bundesarchiv)

BERNIERES SUR MER A member of the Canadian Provost Corps (C.P.C.) guarding the first German prisoners to be captured by Canadian soldiers in the Normandy beachhead, France, 6 June 1944. (Photo : Lieut. Frank L. Dubervill / Library and Archives Canada / PA-136280)

BERNIERES SUR MER German personnel captured on D-Day embarking for England. (Photo : Ken Bell / Library and Archives Canada / PA-132474)

CAEN 10 July 1944 – Residents looking after a Canadian bulldozer clearing rubble in the streets. (Photo : Archives Canada)

CAUQUIGNY On the west side of the La Fiere causeway, after the battle. (Photo : U.S Archives)

COLLEVILLE SUR MER Steeple of the church of Colleville sur Mer destoyed by Destroyers of the U.S. Navy on 6 June 1944. It was used by German snipers and for observation post. (Photo : US Signal Corps)

HERMANVILLE SUR MER A bren carrier of the 33th Field Artillery Regiment crossing the place Courbet (actual). (Photo : I.W.M)

ISIGNY SUR MER 19 June 1944 – An American tank battalion passes through Isigny, France, with ruins of building damaged by shell fire and bombing in the background. (Photo : US Archives)

SAINT MARCOUF Pfc James R. Kumler and Tec 5 Donald J. MacLeod, Hq & Hq Co / 508th PIR, making their way in the French village of Saint-Marcouf, 7 miles Northeast from their initial DZ. (Photo : Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / U.S Archives)

BASLY 27 June 1944 РMembers of the 23d Field Ambulance, R.C.A.M.C. laying flowers on graves. From left to right : Private W. Young, H. Roach, M.G. Newberry. The left grave, Private A.J. Barnes is still in the cemetery. (Photo : Conseil R̩gional de Basse-Normandie / Archives Nationales du CANADA )

SAINT LAURENT SUR MER Exit E1 – Wn65 – Vallee du Ruquet German pillbox on Omaha Beach serving as a U.S. Army command post, during the early days of the invasion. (Photo : U.S Archives)

VIERVILLE SUR MER German pillbox for 88mm gun located on strong point WN72. This strong point was build to protect Exit D1 and the access to the village of Vierville. (Photo : U.S Archives)

SAINT AUBIN SUR MER Juno Beach, Nan Red sector. A P-47 crash landed on the beach near the strong point WN27. (Photo : I.W.M)

TURQUEVILLE Many 101st troopers were dropped far from their initial DZ’s. Like Wilbur W. Shanklin facing, here, a German prisoner. They are on the road between Ste-Mere-Eglise and Audouville-la-Hubert. (Picture from ‘At the Point of No Return’ Book. Michel De Trez / D-Day Publishing)

View of the town from the willem the conqueror castle.
(Photo Grimm A. / Bundesarchiv)

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  • Mordecai says:

    Here you can see some pictures about holocaust. I think are interesting pictures about IIWW and our time.

  • Kanem says:


    Your link is idiotic – becouse some of Palestinians are a terrorists, and their target is to kill as many Israelis, as possible.
    Was the Auschwitz prisoners a terrorists?

  • 324523532 says:

    This is what civilization looks like.

  • D.A. Soldier says:

    Hey Kyle,
    I bet you’re some loser Nazi kid that was picked on by the cool black kids,
    now you have to take it out by trolling online.
    Am I right?
    Yeah I thought so.

  • jchaos says:

    i think what mordecai is saying is that this kinda stuff is still happening

  • cna training says:

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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  • forex robot says:

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  • Jester of the Apocalypse says:

    In “The Roller” picture, the description of Kapos is not entirely forthright . . . “Most of the early prisoner functionaries, Kapos and Blockeltesta (Work foremen and Block leaders) were criminals from German prisons; the worst types the SS could find. As the camp grew others were chosen to fill these roles.

    Why try to suggest that the Jews were only pure victims? Those “others” were fellow Jew inmates who decided that it was preferable to betray their people for some extra privileges.

    It doesn’t lessen the horror of the Holocaust; in fact it displays the sheer brutality of humanity as a whole.

  • mike zimmer says:

    These pictures don’t look half as bad as the condition in Palestine the Israelis have created.

  • Monika says:

    Hey mike zimmer
    If you think it thoes not look so bad than please come visit Poland and see on your own. Great loads of hair, loads of shoes even of a very little children… all the humiliation… that’s impossible to describe and even to show on some photos. though you can see the camp on your own and read some books written by the camp and war survivers. I’am aware that simmilar things are still happening allover the world but please get to know more before you tell it’s not that bad.

  • spark says:

    never again

  • Chattanooga says:

    I hate to be skeptical, but as an illustrator, I find it very hard to believe that these drawing are originals.
    I know that some of them do exist, but these drawings are FAR TOO exact
    to be real. A prisoner who drew some of these pictures, would not be so exact when it comes to the placement of a door handle, a curbing with precision placed joints, a wire on the wall going to a switch.
    These are what we call OVER details. It is much like a kid who is telling a lie and goes overboard with the details.
    These drawings are very suspect.
    These drawings purported here are not drawn by amateur persons. They have been drawn by a professional illustrator/artist.
    Sorry, but 44 years in this business, I do not believe this for a second.

  • sami says:

    Why must Hitler kill only jews?

  • robin yates says:

    I know an old guy who was interned by the Japanese in WW2, he kept a drawn record of the worst guards who abused the British prisoners of war, At the end of the war he was a witness at some of these guys war crimes tribunal. He too was accused of adding details but said in court all his drawings and memories were burned into his brain.The court believed him and 3 of his abusers were executed

  • njm says:

    @sami – Not only Jews were sent to concentration camps. Gypsies, criminals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, emigrants, political prisoners (communists, Freemasons, anarchists, etc.), sexual offenders (which included homosexuals), the mentally ill and retarded, alcoholics, beggars, pacifists, prostitutes, drug addicts, POWs, spies, and many more were also sent to concentration camps and death camps such as Auschwitz.

  • B. Mene says:

    This is for mike Zimmer. If you have proof that its worse in Palestine than in Aust. show them or shove your cheap BS

  • Rabin says:

    @ sami: Read Mein Kampf.. then you will know
    @ B. Mene: Some of the holocaust stories are exagerated.. you choose to believe some parts of the story or swallow all the stories completely.
    The one thing for sure, the documentation for the tragedy sometimes were made up to dramatized the whole story.. Just think of it..

  • pmpspmp7 says:

    Its amazing that anti-semite bigots have such little class, or respect for mankind, that they can even use a setting such as this to spew their hate and ignorance. any chance they get, regardless of the setting. Since they have nothing better to do and are such lonely empty souls. What a pathetic existence they must live.

    @ Mike Zimmer More lies and propaganda and as usual no proof to back it up. see more lies by the palestinians at and keep believing the lies you sheep baaaaaah

    @Rabin You are an idiot. There is so much documentation, confirmed by multiple and separate sources many times over. You have to be a jackazz to doubt it. You Rabin are one such jackazz. I guess the German government’s archives and museums are “dramatized” as well. have you not seen any actual movies of the horrors. just go away and crawl back under your rock. youre a sheep who blindly follows others and who cant think for himself. baaaaahh

    @Jester Noone tries to suggest the Jews were the only pure victim. thats all in your head. Jews certainly dont proclaim that either. In fact just the opposite. It is well know that there were 13million people murdered with 6 million being Jews. The Jews were by far the focal point, but there was no hesitation to murder those “less than pure”.

  • peki canım says:

    they are very interesting pictures..

  • Dr Adford says:

    Oy vey! Haven’t ve suffered enough?

    More propaganda from the Jews…

    If the Germans are so terrible, why are the Jews living in Germany now? Why are they running America’s government? And banking system? The Federal Reserve? The entire American media? Hollywood?

    Go to and do some research for yourselves. The so-called ‘holocause’ is a big LIE put out by Jews after the end of the Second World War, and look where it has got them – to the status of ‘untouchable’, where they can do no wrong, apparently.

    Why are most gentiles in the USA CIRCUMCISED? Gee… I wonder who could possibly have come up with that idea? Torturing two week old baby boys, I wonder why… It couldn’t possibly be because the Jews want to be able to HIDE among their ‘cattle’ when their ‘cattle’ finally fight back against their slavemasters?

    Cue cries of “anti-semitic” as if that negates a single thing I said…

  • Dr Adford says:

    “I know an old guy who was interned by the Japanese in WW2, he kept a drawn record of the worst guards who abused the British prisoners of war, At the end of the war he was a witness at some of these guys war crimes tribunal. He too was accused of adding details but said in court all his drawings and memories were burned into his brain.The court believed him and 3 of his abusers were executed”

    Well, that’s good enough for me! Who needs evidence like hundreds of thousands of pounds of human ashes and bones at Treblinka, which were allegedly buried right under the ground? How convenient – the Jews have covered it all up with a ‘monument’ so that no ground scanning radar can be used to prove their blatant lies.

    Hitler fought against the international bankers (AKA Jews) and that is why the Jews started the Second World War – Germany was the most successful country in Europe as soon as it freed itself from the Jewish fractional reserve banking system and Jewish usury…

    Still, there are plenty of rich Jews who can spend all day surfing the internet to look out for any ‘dissent’ to their status as ‘God’s chosen people’ – how modest of them, and how un’supremacist’ of them…

    Oy vey!

  • Thorsten says:

    interesting, especially the wrong german words:

    Jeden Morgen wurde ein Appell gehalten.
    Every morning was taken a call-over.

    prisoner official in charge of the block, a Blockeltester,
    Correct german word is: “Blockältester”, meaning “the Oldest from the block”

    The saying above the front gate is Arbiet Macht Frei (Works Makes Freedom),
    correct is: “Arbeit macht frei” translated: “(Your)work makes(You)free” or “work(ing)makes(You)free”,
    originally and without cynic intention meaning:
    “working frees You and Your mind”.
    The cynic thinking at this is:
    (Hard)Work(ing at this circumstances)frees You(from Your live).

    It doesnt matter the Holocaust is a myth or history.
    As a German I will do all, that this not can happen again.

    A german Holocaust-denier should say:
    As a German I do everything that no one can attach this to us again

    A good tip: Don’t choose a Austrian as ‘Führer’.

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