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1 Year Old Child is Pregnant

1 Year Old Child is Pregnant



One year old child found pregnant in Saudi Arabia. Doctors says it’s a unique case for this world! Medical Science Report says : “When the mother of this child was pregnant, she had 2 fetuses inside her. But one of the fetus grew inside the other, this why this girl was born with the other fetus inside her womb.”

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  • MagNus says:

    It is called Fetus in Fetus… It’s a medical condition, not dangerous for life

  • Keles says:

    I think it was more likely that she was raped right after her birth

  • Anny says:

    Keles, you’re sick.

  • alexandra says:

    keles, you are the most stupid person i ever seen.a new born don’t have menstruation and without mentruation you can’t have a baby. stupid stupid people

  • Mikky says:

    Actually, in extreme cases of precocious puberty, 2 year olds have been reported to have menstruation. In fact, there was a case of a five-year-old having a child (c-section of course). So that’s not necessarily a stupid thing to think.

  • Drew says:

    so that makes the baby inside her to be a twin sister or daughter?

  • damnliza says:

    twin sister, but certainly not alive… or completely developed.

  • spacemunky says:

    you people are fucking stupid. shit like that happens because of inbreeding. the doctors aren’t gonna publish this because no one wants the mass media to know that they fuc*** their brother and this was the result

  • Sam says:

    Spacemunky, you are an idiot. This is not because of ‘inbreeding’ if you read the article you would know that it says,

    “When the mother of this child was pregnant, she had 2 fetuses inside her. But one of the fetus grew inside the other, this why this girl was born with the other fetus inside her womb.”

    Meaning that the mother was pregnant with twins, the baby (shown in the picture) survived and grew. The twin died and attached to the live twin. As the baby grew it developed around the dead fetus. The fetus inside of the baby is no alive, and there are thousands of documented cases where things like this happen. I swear, some people are so stupid!

  • The Padrino says:

    This is weird definitely
    Will they remove the fetus?

  • DreaGraf says:

    It’s a condition known as fetus in fetu in which a twin isn’t getting enough nutrients in the womb so it attaches to the other twin. The healthy twin continues to develop, most often absorbing the attached twin.

    In this case the twin was absorbed into the abdomen. This is not as rare as you think, and is mostly found in undeveloped countries like the one this girl is from.

    They will remove the twin inside her as it isn’t actually alive.

  • Heather says:

    Wow, this certainly is interesting!

  • tete says:

    wow lol yall are funny but my little cousin was born with the fetus in a fetus nobody knew until she was 13 and they had it removed it was killing her if she would have waited one more day they said she would have died. but some people say some dumb shit who would ever think rape was an option jack ass

  • kenny septia says:

    How could it become like that

  • olyryl says:

    y’all dumer then dum, my cuzin had fetu in fetu and gav birt to a siamese twin

  • vernon marsh says:

    God is trying to make a point here in his own inscrutable way. There must be something in the Bible that explains it, or maybe in the Koran.

  • Daniel says:

    It’s not exactly unique to this world. Hasn’t it been documented like 8 times so far?

  • Erratic says:

    @ vernon marsh

    After I red your comment and made some research I found the medical condition describing your case …


    1. Extreme folly or stupidity.
    2. A foolish or stupid utterance or deed.
    3. Psychology The state or condition of being an idiot; profound mental retardation.

    Mixing religion with the natural world is sooooo wrong!

  • danimal says:

    i think the venture brothers already covered this. obviously one ate the other. in 40 years the one that got eaten will try to get its revenge and then become a super scientist.

  • Paw says:

    Fetus in fetu is a very rare condition and the twin is always unformed and lacks a brain and/or any cognative abilities. Your cousin would not have given birth to her twin as it is not like a seperate body; more like an internal siamese twin, conected to any part of the host twin’s body to absorb and steal nuriets from it whilst in the womb. For this reason few fetus in fetu children survive to the birth.
    A popular theory at the moment is that left handed people are all the survivors from this phenomenon, as all sets of identical twins have a lefted handed child, and a right handed child. Unfortunately there is currently ethic debates about testing this theory, and it is still in its early days of speculation.

  • Amy says:

    it’s like an internal parasitic twin. most instances of a parasitic twin occur as a partial conjoind twin that is not “alive” but still is able to take the things it needs from the host twin via the circulatory system (blood flow). it’s been seen as an extra head or extra bodyparts (i.e. “the girl with eight limbs”) and since it is visible outside the body, they are the most obvious and are usually removed. (you can google parasitic twin and “the girl with eight limbs” for more info.)

  • Steot says:

    I’ve heard of fetus in fetus before, a friend of mine recently had her parasitic twin sister that she didn’t know she had removed from her ovaries where it was growing, but i’m never seen one where the fetus happens to be in the other babies womb XD

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  • podyjam says:

    Did some of you go to the same daycare? The one that had the faulty highchairs which resulted in many children falling headfirst onto the concrete floor? And please for the love of god,allah,buddah,or whoever DO NOT REPRODUCE.

  • Xibit says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you like fetuses, so I put a fetus in yo fetus so yo fetus can give birth while you give birth.

  • chris jericho says:

    parang mag kambal lang kase

  • Mike says:

    “shit like that happens because of inbreeding. the doctors aren’t gonna publish this because no one wants the mass media to know that they fuc*** their brother and this was the result”
    I’m assuming your family tree is a ball of knots.

    “Fetus in fetu is a very rare condition and the twin is always unformed and lacks a brain and/or any cognative abilities.”
    Yes. Because when it has a brain and cognitive abilities, it becomes a conjoined twin.

    They are essentially the same condition, just on a different scale.

    Anyway, yeah, the conjoined twin is one of those strange mistakes of human reproduction, not unlike polydactylism, which is even more unusual and highly technical in its mechanism. (See: Antonio Alfonseca, MLB pitcher washout. Count his fingers.)

  • Sarah says:

    OH, please! This is fetus en fetu, NOT PREGNANCY.

  • T-Mama says:

    So i understand now how it happened, but what i dont understand is how the child will rid itself of the unborn an most likely if not already dead foetus that is inside her.

    Surgery is not an option, as i doubt the child would survive, and thus you would have two dead children. And clearly birth is not an option either. But if the foetus is acting as a normal foetus does, taking nutrients from the host, how will the 1 year old survive?

  • Joan says:

    Actually, it is not uncommon at all that newborn females have menstruation if they are breastfed. They get hormones through the mothers milk and this may produce puberty symptoms such as menstruation and bad skin. Some newborn babies, both male and female can actually lactate!

  • Sunya says:

    DreaGraf……..’undeveloped country’..! u need to get your information right before u leave illiterate comments like that! Saudia Arabia is far from undeveloped…..i think that might be your own brain your talking about.

  • haikal says: it can happens??

  • Pat Buchanan says:

    It’s God punishing the world for homosexuality.

  • stephani says:

    pat buchanan,
    u r so stupid u have a mentle probllem

  • Jeoseph says:

    When the mother of this child was pregnant, she had 2 fetuses inside her. But one of the fetus grew inside the other, this why this girl was born with the other fetus inside her womb.”
    I wondered when i read the above, but could be logic .. but i surprised if this could happen, can any explain it so proper for me (im not physician), and if it can happen means this defect can happen to others and make alot misleading and wrong understandings to people.

  • This is truly interesting and shocking? Fetus in Fetus is certainly a rare medical condition. So what happened to the baby now? And the fetus?

  • k says:

    its like the nurse from southpark!

  • tin says:


  • says:

    1 Year Old Child is Pregnant – Virtualfunzone…

    One year old child found pregnant in Saudi Arabia. Doctors says it’s a unique case for this world! Medical Science Report says : “When the mother of this…

  • Rayan Dekey says:

    Everything is possible in this world..

  • dot says:

    Yeah! It’s like the nurse from south park!!

  • tire guard says:

    dunia mau kiamat

  • liah says:

    so that’s her twin, same case with a older man that was a another country but it took doctors years to find out it was his twin(and that s*&t looked crazy when they removed it).

  • Aahna says:

    wow how is this possible

  • JMTaylor says:

    I will grit my teeth and ignore the headline that the girl is pregnant in the first place. Fetu in fetu is actually quite well-documented, although it is rare. I do remember a Chinese man who had carried his dead twin inside him for 36 years. For anyone with an interest in the topic, type fetu in fetu into Wikki for more information.

  • Divya says:

    poor baby has to suffer ..

  • matt says:

    Half of you are completely wrong, its amazing how wrong.

    1. Fetus in fetu CAN be fatal, as the growning mass absorbs all the nutrients and blood supply.
    2. It IS possible to get pregnant before the first menstruation, just unlikely. You have to ovulate before menstruation.
    3. This does NOT happen through in-breeding, it happens when one developing fetus encases the twin. Coincidence that it was inside the womb.
    4. The bible and koran can not explain this as noone knew it existed when those were written.
    5. Not ALL twins are born mirrored (one left handed, the other right) it depends on the time of seperation.
    6. NOONE is punishing the world for homosexuals, lesbians, wrongdoing, sinners, it is purely Nature at its worst.
    7. Surgery is the only option, and not a difficult one, ddepending on placement and latching.

    Now grow up people who are ignorant. If you really are that under-educated, READ A BOOK!

  • dean says:

    the youngest girl ever to have a child on record was a 5 year-old from peru… and yes, she had menstruation.

    the sad fact is that she was most probably molested, but she never revealed who the father was.

  • Keins Wilcha says:

    a 5 year old girl cannot bear a baby. It’s impossible.

  • Tony Macaroni says:

    This is so sexy!!!! Very erotic.

  • This is the first I have ever heard of something like this. I hope this is rare.

  • stranger says:

    what is wrong with you ppl?..this is not a situation to throw verbal abuse at each other and make inappropriate accusations!!..A one year old baby is suffering from a pregnancy!..think of how much pain she must be in and pray to god to ease her pain and suffering!..Be a little compassionate!

  • freya says:

    Tony Macaroni HOW the f*** can you find this erotic you sick sadistic bastard. You need help. What are you, a pedophile? I hope you don’t have kids and if you do I feel sorry for them. You need help you fucktard

  • Madiba78 says:

    danimal – love your comment. Genius! If you look closely at the ultrasoundm, you’ll notice the foetus is wearing underpants on the OUTSIDE. Duh.

  • Madiba78 says:

    Oh shit, its the other way ’round – baby is wearing super-hero pants. Foetus is future vengeful scientist arch-nemesis with stethnoscope round little foetus neck :op

  • Tiffany says:

    Actually, with the case of the five ear old that was pregnant, she was born having her period and that’s how she got pregnant at such a young age.
    Anything’s possible.

  • benihaha says:

    wow!! you people are funny…

  • cherryred says:

    Fetus en fetus is definately rare. Techinically most of us are concieved with a twin or more. In most cases the strongest fetus absorbs the other before the mother even knows that she concieved. In very rare cases fetus en fetus happens. Where the fetus grows inside the other. Its very rare but it happens.

  • annabelle says:

    the story of the 5 year old girl is true—-read this !!!!!

  • manaweb says:

    My god people are stupid.

    This child is not suffering from pregnancy. She is clearly Fetus in Fetu. It is a complete coincidence that it is in her ‘womb’ wait womb is not a medical body part. The scan shows that it is located within the abdomen cavity. If it has attached to the babies uterus it is only there getting nutrients, it will never develop into a baby, it may grow though and become dangerous for the host baby.

    She will need an operation to remove the fetus eventually. When this happens will come down to the doctors and parents choice.

  • Dr Indira Sahajwalla says:

    Heading is misleading.This child is not pregnant,it is foetus in foetus.

  • melody says:

    xibit for the win.

  • Arael says:

    So, does that mean the mother of the pregnant 1 year old is a grandma or that she just has 3 kids altogether?

  • Sharon says:

    Our renter had several children, but the one son was 16 yrs old and was playing sports in school and had an attack. He could hardly get his breath. He was taken to the hospital and after awhile they found the problem a mass in his body had been dormant then started growing. It even had teeth, I was there when the doctor came in and told the parents that. They had to do surgery to remove the mass.It doesn’t sound true but it is and the hospital where the surgery was performed is Porter’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado…

  • morgan says:

    rediculous, i dont even believe this people are retarded to think thid is real

  • Toomra says:

    Foetus in foetu, not pregnancy.

    To claim the child is pregnant is utterly ridiculous. The Foetus inside them is more like a tumour than a real baby that will be born.

  • Devender says:

    Kalyuga has arrived drastically.

  • Manish says:

    dear all my friends we dint see the God but God gives every time an example how to
    live a life what we are doing wrong and how to correct in our life this is the perfect example we are going fast in our life our forfather and ancient people had written each and every step to live a life but we forgot it , even we are very advance in the technology but in some matter technology even fail. (some of my friends ask me how this matter come with the forfather ancient people living i told him read first then you will all understand )live a healthy life with the time being


  • Kufre says:

    The world knows how to make big story out of nothing. Fetus in fetus not ‘one year old baby pregnant’

  • some very weird things do happen

  • jvj says:

    My brother is the survivor of fetus in fetu – his ‘twin’ had developed inside of him but wasn’t discovered until he was two years old, and back in 1979. He always had a pot belly and a recurrent cough which resulted in scans and xrays revealing a turtle like growth but in a dormant state. It was the size of an adult hand and is currently contained in a medical lab in Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.
    Headline is attention grabbing!!

  • elisa says:

    I hope this pregnancy is terminated soon i cant even imagine how miserable that poor little baby is ,,,, I don’t care what it’s called it should not go on …

  • Lai-Lai says:

    It’s a rare birth problem, but it’s happened before. It’s not technically pregnant; it’s twin is just a parasite.

  • americanstalker says:

    This is NOT a pregnancy, this is fetus in fetu, a type of parasitic twin, if I am not mistaken. She will need to have surgery to have it removed somewhere along the line, but will be fine otherwise.

  • Laura says:

    This is unbelievable.

  • dina says:

    hey…. it’s impossible….

  • lakalaka says:

    laka laka laka what a story

  • Aishwarya says:

    Actually it s ridiculous….

  • Muqeet says:

    great story
    @ Aishwarya, this mircale in medical science. I am Med student I think this child has his twin brother or sister, who does not complete its process. There is same history in India when a Man was a pregnant

  • andrea says:

    Just curious, do any posters here every read what is written, 10 ‘impossibles’ and 10 medical explanations. People, try reading before speaking, “It is better to be thought a fool, than to speak and prove it”

  • Deb says:

    I am an identical twin. Both my sister and I are right handed. My sister was left handing while playing sports; however, and I was not. It amazes me the incorrect information people have about twins. Twins don’t “feel” each others pain, “know” when the other is in danger or “read” each others minds. Someone tried to tell me that twins can’t carry twins to term….also incorrect and Twins don’t skip a generation. We have 4 generations of identical twins in my family. People will believe just about anything!

  • Get noticed in GOOGLE9287422556 says:

    Medically this is possible and earlier this has happened, 99% time this kind of fetus in fetus, female body discharge it before first three months.In this case also life expectancy of bothshall be matter of question? Let us watch survival fact.

  • credit help says:

    I can’t get enough of your site. It’s really a great read. Did you start doing this on your own or with a group of people? It’s quite an impressive feat to have gathered such great content. Keep up the fine writing!

  • WTF People?!! says:

    All of you who lash out on the people who make OBVIOUS troll jokes are fucking stupid!
    Freya that’s a bit on the extreme don’t you think? All based on a joke clearly anyone could tell. You just seem to be the one bitch at a highschool/college who goes off the wall on a comment, maybe its you who shouldn’t breed because it sure would SUCK to have you go off the rails on your own children for something so small.

    As stated above it IS possible to conceive a child when one hasn’t menstruated, seriously if you’re going to think the woman body works like that you must also think; “Well gee, if she/I is/am having a period, that means I don’t have to use a condom hurrr durr.”

    @VenomMarsh: HEY! you know what!? I guess it’s okay for a shitload of god’s followers to be born disfigured, mangled, and born mentally unstable. Why? Because in THE BIBLE God just LOOOOOVES to fuck up his followers eh?

    @Spacemonkey: Inbreeding? Your just as ignorant as VenomMarsh, I guess Ectopic Pregnancies are resulted from inbreeding too eh?

    I love all the trolls here.

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